Carbon Fiber Bicycle Frame Repair

Broken carbon fiber can be scary, it can also be repaired. We've been honing our proven process for over a decade.

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Our proven process removes the fear from carbon fiber repair


Before we do anything to your bike, we'll assess the extent of the damage

Carbon Repair

Then we remove bad carbon and replace with new structurally perfect repair

Orignal Aesthetics

Lastly, we restore the bike to its original aesthetics in our custom paint shop

Damage Assessment

After we receive your frame we will assess the extent of the damage.   We frequently run broken frames under our Ultrsonic Scanner to ensure that we fully understand the damage. Once we understand the extent of the damage we will create a plan to repair the damage.

Engineering the repair

Not all carbon fiber damage is the same but by assessing the damage and its impact to the structure that is broken.  Our goal is to restore the structural integrity and appearance of your frame.  We make zero compromises to ensure we are following through with this guarantee, even if it means acquiring new tools to get the job done.

Repairing Carbon Fiber

We have been repairing carbon fiber for over a decade and we take great pride in bringing your bicycle back to its original condition.  This means that the repair can’t just be strong but it has to look like it came from the factory too.  When TWCarbon repairs your frame, no one will ever know that there was damage in the first place.

TWCarbon Frame Painting

After the broken carbon on your bike is repaired, we send your frame over to our Custom Frame Paint shop.  With great care taken to the shape of the carbon fiber repair our paint team is able to color match your frame and restore the damaged area to the original appearance.  Our goal is that not even you will be able to spot the repair.

Frequently Asked Questions

YES! Carbon fiber can be repaired. Carbon fiber is a great material to work with when it comes to repairing damage.

No, when repairing damaged carbon fiber it is very important to first remove any of the damaged and de-laminated layers of carbon fiber. If this step is skipped the damage can propagate and cause a catastrophic failure of your frame. Once all of the damaged carbon has been removed we replace the old with new carbon. We match what was used originally so as to most closely keep the same feel and integrity of the frame.

Your frame will be returned to you in the same strength as it was when it was originally made.

This depends on how the damage was made. Carbon fiber cracks like glass breaks. It spreads out and is larger than what you can see a majority of the time.