To most of the world, Stein and Fenton is not a name or combination of words you have ever heard before. It is a new bike brand base in the middle of Illinois, in a small town just south of Springfield. A town with a famous name only because of the hit TV show Parks and Rec. Pawnee Illinois is not a place you would imagine creating multi thousand dollar elite bicycles for the lover of luxury goods. It is a forgotten town in the middle of the expansive corn and soybean fields that cover most of Illinois, south of Chicago. But in this town, Stein and Fenton are making bikes for the connoisseur of bike culture. These are not race bikes, but they are not “just” your average bike either. They started off with custom Titanium frames made to order. You could order any part in the world to bolt on your frame and add some of the most expensive or rare wheels and you have yourself a work of art that you could ride if you like.

Like many entrepreneurs though, Stein and Fenton weren’t just going to be happy making Ti frames, it had been done before, there was nothing new there. So they put on their engineering hats and jumped on the 3D printed ti lug bandwagon. Bastion, based in Fairfield Australia being the only other manufacturer of 3D printed lugs at the time, it was a small bandwagon. In order to differentiate themselves from Bastion, Stein and Fenton wanted to make their frames with a “forged carbon” look. The tubing on the frame, as well and the handlebars and forks would all come with this look. That’s where we came in. Stein and Fenton reached out to us at TW Carbon about creating that look on their

Enve supplied handlebars and forks.

This was a first for us, but the end result was quite stunning.

And once they were on the bike, and showcased at the 2022 Philly Bike expo, the bikes blew up!

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