Accidents happen and sometimes that means your new carbon fiber bike can pay the price.  A crash, drop, or just an unfortunate event (one customer closed their garage door on their new boutique carbon road bike), and your prized carbon fiber bicycle could end up with a break or crack. The question often arises – can a broken carbon fiber frame be mended back to its original strength and aesthetics?

Absolutely, and here’s how.

The Science Behind Carbon Fiber Repair

While many might think of carbon fiber as a sophisticated piece of material that, once damaged, is destined for the landfill but this isn’t entirely accurate. Carbon fiber, with its weave of fibrous strands, is repairable in the right hands.

However, not all repair processes are made equal. Here at TWCarbon, we’ve honed our repair process for over a decade, ensuring both structural integrity and appearance are restored to perfection – and in many cases even better than before.

The TWCarbon Repair Process

Damage Assessment

We don’t just give it a once-over. Using our state-of-the-art ultrasound scanner, we go beneath the surface, determining the full extent of the damage. This ensures that we don’t just treat the symptoms, but truly mend the frame from inside out.

Engineering the Repair

 It’s a mix of art and science. By fully understanding the damage and its implications, we draft a meticulous plan to restore both the structural integrity and appearance of your bicycle.

The Carbon Repair

Leveraging our vast experience, we carefully remove compromised carbon and replace it with structurally sound material. It’s not just about being strong; it has to look impeccable too. With TWCarbon, your bike won’t even carry the scar of the damage.

Original Aesthetics Restoration

After the rigorous repair, we ensure the bike looks as pristine as it did when you first got it. With a keen eye for detail, our Custom Frame Paint shop meticulously restores the frame, ensuring not even the keenest eye can spot the repair.

Why Choose TWCarbon?

Decade of Experience

We’ve been repairing carbon fiber frames for over ten years, restoring countless bicycles back to their prime.

Ultrasound Inspection

Our unique advantage. Every repair undergoes an ultrasound inspection, ensuring the integrity of our work.

Cycle Inspect Certified

An added layer of trust. Our certification stands testament to our quality of work.

Custom Paint Jobs

Whether you want it to look brand new or desire a unique custom design, our professional artists are up for the task.


  • Can carbon fiber be repaired? Yes, with the right expertise and tools, carbon fiber can be effectively and safely repaired.
  • How do you repair a damaged frame? Do you wrap the damaged area in new carbon fiber? Our process involves understanding the depth of the damage, removing compromised carbon, and then integrating new carbon into the frame. This ensures strength and aesthetics.
  • Will my frame be weaker than it was before? No. Our goal is to restore the structural integrity to the frame, ensuring it’s as strong, if not stronger than before.
  • The crack in my frame is small, so it should be cheap to repair, right? The cost depends on various factors. In many cases, what seems like a small and insignificant crack can actually be a severely compromised frame.  Reach out for an accurate quote.

A broken carbon fiber frame isn’t the end of your bike’s journey. It could just be a pit stop before many more miles of seamless riding. At TWCarbon, we ensure that your bike not only returns to the race but does so looking and feeling as good as new.

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We can fix your bike too

Your bike is not lost! TWCarbon can repair your broken frame while our paint shop can restore the original paint or collaberate on a unique design to make it your own.

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