Like many customers Abdalla had a problem, he had damaged his Canyon Aero Road. It wasn’t a minor ding either, he really had a big repair coming. In his communications with Canyon about a warranty and or a crash replacement, Abdalla became disheartened with the brand. Often times I see this when a customer doesn’t really understand the warranty process and believes their damage was something that was the manufacturers fault. That the frame was faulty and that was why their frame broke. In this case, that wasn’t true. This had nothing to do with Canyon, but that didn’t mean that Abdalla wasn’t upset. And sure, it’s understandable to be upset when your beautiful bike is broken. In his anger Abdalla decided that he was going to do something big. He was not just going to have the bike repaired, but he was going to have it painted to pay homage to his favorite car brand. Alfa Romeo. Now I have to admit, I am a bit of an Alfa fan boy too. I owned a 1986 GTV6 when I graduated from college. It was a great little car. So when this paint project came up I was pretty excited.

Abdalla wanted something pretty different than what I think of when I think of Alfa Romeo. He wanted to match one of their new colors, Verde Montreal. A blue-ish green, done in candy.

Alfa Romeo’s Verde Montreal. A blue-ish green, done in candy.

This is not a color that comes just out of a bottle like that. And we don’t have access to Alfa Romeo’s paint suppliers. So it was up to us to create a custom mixed candy system to achieve this look. It took three colors in a two step process to get. But damn did it look good.

We used all of Alfa Romeo’s traditional logos and symbols on the frame. From the Serpent on their coat of arms, to the Auto Delta flag and the Quadrifoglio symbol. We also placed the Alfa Romeo script on the bottom of the down tube to not take away attention from the beautiful color of the overall bike.

Luckily for me, this bike lives in St Louis so I am able to see it on the road from time to time. And every time it blows me away. Such a classy paint job, for a classy bike, and a classy customer.

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